Is Wrestling A Martial Art?

Wrestling has existed for thousands of years and has been used in combat and to decide important decisions throughout empires across the world. Wrestlers have always been exalted as great athletes and held in high esteem in different cultures throughout history. However as modern wrestling is purely a sport can wrestling still be considered a martial art?

Is wrestling a martial art? Wrestling is a martial art as it can used to effectively defend your self in a combat scenario. Wrestling is a very effective form of fighting as evidenced by the number of UFC champions who come from a wrestling background such as Jon Jones and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Any set or system of physical movements that can be used to win a fight can be considered a martial art. Even though wrestling is a sport which based on control and scoring points it is still a martial as the techniques can still be used in combat. MMA is evidence of this, as wrestlers take their techniques learned in folkstyle, freestyle and greco and than use them in fights to win.

Not only is wrestling a martial art but it is a highly effective martial art. It is extremely difficult to stop a wrestler from taking you down unless you yourself are an accomplished wrestler. Furthermore once you have been taken down it is extremely difficult to get back to your feet when you have a wrestler using all his weight to hold you in place. Once you are pinned on the ground your ability to fight is severely limited while the wrestler on top of you can rain down punches and elbows which can easily knock you out.

The aforementioned strategy is highly effective in fighting and this is why you see so many UFC athletes and champions come from a wrestling background before they transition to mixed martial arts.

Is Freestyle Wrestling A Martial Art?

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – AUGUST 21: Frank Molinaro (red) of the United States and Frank Chamizo Marquez (blue) of Italy compete in the Men’s Freestyle 65kg Bronze match on Day 16 of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at Carioca Arena 2 on August 21, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)

Is freestyle wrestling a martial art? Yes, freestyle wrestling is a martial art. A martial art is a physical activity which can be performed effectively in combat to win a fight. Freestyle wrestling’s usefulness in combat has been highlighted in MMA where fighters use wrestling techniques to take their opponents down and pin them where they then finish the fight with strikes or a submission.

Is Wrestling The Oldest Martial Art?

** ADVANCE FOR SUNDAY JULY 25 ** A marble sculpture of ancient Greek wrestlers from 510 BC is part of an exhibition at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens July 15, 2004. The exhibition “Agon”_ the Greek word for contest _ of Olympic-related antiquities was timed for the homecoming of the Olympics to their ancient birthplace. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

Is wrestling the oldest martial art? Yes wrestling is the oldest martial art. The earliest depiction of any martial art is of wrestling in murals at Beni Hasan in Egypt which is dated to 3400 BC. As wrestling is such a natural movement, instinctively practiced by children and other animals it is likely wrestling has been trained since the dawn of the human species.

Is Wrestling The Best Martial Art?

Is wrestling the best martial art? Wrestling is the best martial as it allows you to decide where the fight takes place (standing or on the ground) which allows you to play to your strengths. Wrestling is the best martial art as taking someone to the ground, pinning them and punching their face is a very effective fighting strategy. 

The ability to dictate where a fight takes place is incredibly important. If a wrestler is fighting a striker they can take the striker down and hold them down the whole fight. If a wrestler is fighting a submission expert they can defend against all the takedowns and keep the fight standing. Wrestlers can prevent fighters from using their specialties.

Wrestling is also a way to give you a high percentage chance of winning a fight without taking any damage. It is very difficult to stop a wrestling from taking you down. Wrestlers are experts at getting you off balance and then continually attacking until they finally get you down to the mat. Once you are on the mat there is little you can do in the way of attack. The wrestler who is on top is safe from strikes and if they are aware of submissions have little to worry about. Just look at how Khabib fights he takes very little damage and is in control of the fight the entire time. There is hardly a second let around a minute in which Khabib is not dominating a fight.

What Martial Art Helps With Wrestling?

What martial art helps with wrestling? Martial arts which are the most similar to wrestling are the most helpful. Sambo and Judo can help wrestlers improve their throws and trips. BJJ can teach wrestlers unconventional takedowns and unconventional reversals particularly during scrambles.

Grappling martial arts which have techniques which you can effectively use in wrestling will be the most helpful to your wrestling. The martial art which is most similar to wrestling is Sambo. Sambo is a Russian martial art similar to Judo but allows leg attacks. Sambo athletes are experts at throws and trips. By training Sambo you can definitely learn some effective takedowns that may many wrestlers won’t be familiar with. Steve Mocco (NCAA champion) had great success using a foot sweep which is common in Judo and Sambo.

Here is a nice breakdown of Steve Mocco’s footsweep

BJJ is another martial art which is quite similar to wrestling particularly No-gi. The most popular takedowns in BJJ are the double and single leg which are also very popular in wrestling. BJJ athletes tend to have much weaker takedowns than wrestlers however they incorporate unorthodox takedowns particularly from bottom and in scrambles that wrestlers could incorporate into their game.

Which Martial Art Is Best For Street Fight?

Here is a highlight of Combat Sambo

Which martial art is best for street fight? Combat Sambo is the best martial art for a street fight as it is a complete martial art which includes striking, takedowns and submissions. If you are only know how to strike you are susceptible to being out grappled in a street fight and vice versa. Combat Sambo ensures you will competent in all areas of combat during a street fight.

In a street fight there are no rules. Your attacker may try to strike, strangle or try to throw to the ground. You have to be prepared for all scenarios. This is why you can’t just be an expert in a particular style of fighting. What if you are a high level boxer but a guy grabs you in a clinch and starts picking you up to throw your head into the ground. You need to be well rounded otherwise you risk being beaten in an area of fighting you aren’t familiar with.

This is why Combat Sambo is the best martial for a street fight. Combat Sambo will teach you to be strong in all aspects of fighting. If your attacker tries to punch you, no worries you are an expert in striking. If your attacker tries to take you down, no worries you are a great wrestler.

In a street fight you need to be able to end the fight quickly. As the longer a street fight lasts the more likely something bad will happen. You want to take out your opponent as quickly as possible. Combat Sambo teaches you how to do this. Combat Sambo teaches you how to throw powerful strikes in combination with the intent of knocking out your opponent. Combat Sambo also teaches you how to execute powerful takedowns and then immediately transition into submissions which render your opponent unconscious or sporting a broken arm or leg in seconds.

Which Martial Art Is Most Powerful?

Which martial art is most powerful? The most powerful martial art is Combat Sambo. Combat Sambo combines all the most effective techniques from the best martial arts (boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and Judo) to form the most powerful martial art. Combat Sambo athletes such as Fedor and Khabib have demonstrated how powerful of a martial art it is.

In Combat Sambo all techniques are designed to finish your opponent quickly and violently. Strikes are thrown explosively with goal of knocking your opponent out. Throws are executed to result in your opponent flying through the air. Submissions implemented to result in your opponent being choked unconscious or having their arms and legs snapped instantly. Due to this Combat Sambo is the most powerful martial art.

What Is The Best Wrestling Style?

What is the best wrestling style? The best style of wrestling depends on your goals. If your goal is to be an NCAA champion then folkstyle is the best. If your goal is to be an Olympic champion than freestyle or Greco is the best style. If you want to be UFC champion than either folkstyle or freestyle are best.

Is Wrestling Useful In A Street Fight?

Is wrestling useful in a street fight? Yes, wrestling is useful in a fight. Wrestling can be used to knock an attacker unconscious by throwing them on their head on a hard surface. Wrestling can also be used to exert maximum control over a attacker by preventing them from moving by using a wrestling pin.

The best way to use wrestling in a street fight is to pick your opponent up and throw them hard onto the ground. This could easily knock them unconscious or cause them to break their shoulder, collar bone or ribs. Another successful strategy is to take your attacker down, pin them and then start punching them or headbutting them until they are no longer a threat. Mark Coleman and Mark Kerr were two high level wrestlers who had great success in early MMA by taking their opponents down, pinning them and then headbutting their opponents until they looked like mushed hamburgers.

What Is The Goal In Wrestling?

What is the goal in wrestling? The goal in wrestling is to control your opponent through the use of grappling techniques (takedowns and pins). The highest form of control is a pin which results in instant victory. Wrestlers score points based on how powerful and effective their takedowns are and how close they come to pinning their opponent.

Wrestling is all about control. The scoring system is based on the amount of control you exert over your opponent. Putting your opponent on their back and holding them there while they can’t move is considered the highest form of control and is known as a pin. A pin will result in instant victory.


Wrestling has been recognized as a martial art for thousands of years in empires from all across the world. Only in modern times as wrestling has stopped appearing on the battlefield and has become purely a sport has the question over whether wrestling is a martial art been raised. However with the emergence of MMA and all the champions who use wrestling there can be no doubt that wrestling is not only a martial art but is also a highly effective one.

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