What Color BJJ Gi Should I Get?

Unlike Judo BJJ Gis come in all different colors and can feature some pretty wild designs and patterns. With so much choice choosing the right BJJ Gi color is not always easy.

What Color BJJ Gi Should I Get?

You should get whatever color BJJ Gi you like. However, before you purchase check with your gym as some only allow white or blue Gis. Also, major comps such as IBJJF tournaments only allow competitors to wear a white or blue Gi.

If you are purchasing your first BJJ Gi do not feel like you are restricted to buying a boring plain white Gi. Most BJJ gym support their students wearing whatever color Gi they find the most appealing.

Even though white and blue are still the most popular BJJ Gi colors on the mats you will often find a range of Gi colors from your standard white to grey, different shades of blue, black, and even purple or multi-colored.

Before you go out and purchase a camo or fluro yellow Gi you need to consider a couple of things.

Some Jiu Jitsu academies are old school and only allow students to wear white Gis. It is best to check with your school. You don’t want to spend $100 + on a fancy new Gi only to find out that your gym won’t let you wear it.

Another thing to consider is that major tournaments hosted by the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation only allow competitors to wear either a white or blue Gi. So if you want to compete in their tournaments your black Gi is going have to remain at home.

If you ever feel like cross-training and elevating your take down game by practicing Judo you will only be allowed to wear a white or blue Gi. Judo tends to be stricter than BJJ in many regards including uniform policy. Some Judo schools won’t even let you wear a blue Gi even though they are worn in competition.

If you don’t have any plans to compete in IBJJF tournaments or train Judo and your BJJ academy is cool with you wearing any color then buy whatever Gi you like. If your plans change you can always buy a second white or blue Gi.

Can White Belts Wear Black Gi?

White belts can wear black Gis as Gi color is unrelated to belt rank. BJJ white belts can wear whatever Gi color they like. Some gyms have a ranked rashguard policy and only let students wear colors that are the same as their rank.

Let’s face it black Gis look cool. It is no wonder that new white belt BJJ students go for black when purchasing their first Gi.

If you were wondering if this might be taboo for a white belt to wear a black Gi, you can breath a sigh of relief. It is totally acceptable for a white belt or any belt in BJJ to wear a black Gi. Gi colors are unrelated to a student’s rank.

If you feel like going for a little more adventurous Gi color you can also sport a brown or purple Gi. While your training partners won’t accuse you of impersonating a brown or purple belt they may comment on your bold fashion choice.

Gi color may be unrelated to rank but rashguards are a different story. At most BJJ gyms you can wear whatever color rashguard you like, however at some gyms they have a ranked rashguard uniform policy. The policy dictates that students can only wear rashguards that indicate their rank. For example a blue belt must wear a blue rashguard.

Fortunately, these schools are in the minority. I mean who wants to be stuck at purple belt for years and have to endure sporting a purple rashguard every time they hit the mats.

How Many Gis Should I Own?

The amount of Gis you should own depends on how often you train. If you train 1 to 3 times a week then owning 1 Gi is fine. However, if you train more then 2 Gis is necessary. It also depends on personal preference if you like different styles and colors then feel free to add to your collection.

One annoying aspect of BJJ is the constant washing and drying of your Gi. If you are only training a couple of times a week then you should be able to get your 1 sole Gi cleaned and fully dried before every training session.

Things start to become more difficult when you are training 5 + times a week. This is when it makes sense to purchase a second Gi.

Also, even though BJJ Gis are designed to handle the abuse of the sport they are still prone to tearing and breaking down from frequent use. If you are hitting the BJJ mats 4 + times a week you can prolong the life of your Gis by owning multiple.

For example instead of using the same Gi 5 times a week and it falling apart after 2 or 3 years you can use 1 Gi twice a week and another Gi three times a week, ensuring both of your Gis last for 4 + years.

How many Jiu Jitsu Gis you own comes down to personal preference. If you like collecting Gis or wearing different styles and colors then go out and buy as many as you want. Asking how many BJJ Gis you should own is like asking how many shoes you should own. At least 1 but as many as you want and can afford.

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