What Should BJJ Athletes Eat For Breakfast?

The purpose of eating is not to just satisfy your taste buds. We use food to fuel bodies so we can tear it up on the BJJ mats and dominate our opponents during competition. If you to elevate your BJJ game then it is time to stop treating your body like a second hand Toyota and treating it like a supercharged Ferrari.

Most BJJ athletes know the importance of smashing protein and combining it with a nice serving of carbs and healthy fats. BJJ players are aware that their diet should be made up of organic red meat and fresh fruits/vegetables and high quality grains such as rice. Despite this knowledge being widely circulated many BJJ athletes still chow down unhealthy surgery cereals for breakfast.

Cereals are a poor choice for BJJ athletes to start their day with. Breakfast cereals contain an overdose of sugar and calories while being nutrient deficit.

BJJ athletes, it is time to put that box of cereal back on the shelf. In this article we will give you some great, quick and tasty breakfast options to replace your cereal addiction with. First, let’s look at what makes cereal a terrible meal option for BJJ players.

Breakfast Cereal Macros

Cereal has a low fat and protein makeup while being very high in carbs. A large percentage of cereal’s carbs is made up of sugar. Cereals contain little to no micronutrients and are very calorie dense (a small bowl can contain several hundred calories).

Why Is Cereal Bad For BJJ Athletes?


Processed foods are not suitable for athletes because they have had a lot of their nutrients taken out. Foods that lack key nutrients are not able to help athletes recover and feel at their best during training and competition. A BJJ athlete who needs his body to be optimally nourished will see his performance suffer if he relies on cereals to fuel his workouts.


The typical cereal is overflowing with sugar. Sugar is often added by the tablespoon to make cereal unnaturally sweet. Excess sugar is terrible for your blood pressure, kidneys and can lead to rapid fat gain.

Cereal is not a serious breakfast option for BJJ athletes You may as well just be eating candy every time you pop open your favourite cereal box.


Cereal is mostly sugar and refined grains which are both very fast acting carbs. Fast acting carbs result in insulin and blood glucose spikes and crashes. This can often result in you feeling tired, weak and hungry within 1 to 2 hours of eating a bowl of cereal.


Cereal is a heavily processed food and during this processing phase manufacturers throw in a bunch of artificial additives. As a BJJ athlete do you think it is wise to be ingesting all of these unnatural chemicals that could jeopardise your athletic performance? Forget the cereal and stop ingesting strange unnatural chemicals that companies use to prolong the shelf life of your favourite cereal.

What Should Rugby Players Eat For Breakfast?

For breakfast BJJ athletes should consume a high protein, moderate carb and medium fat meal. The meal should consist of organic whole foods. An example of a healthy breakfast for BJJ players is avocado on toast with a banana.


Avocados are a super food. Avocados are packed with nutrients, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Follow this recipe to start getting avocados involved into your breakfasts.

Grab 4 slices of bread and throw them in the toaster. Take an avocado, cut it into 2, remove stone and scoop out the flesh. Mash the flesh until it becomes a paste and add some line and salt/pepper. Then spread it over your taste.

If you are a protein junky you can add a side of bacon or poach/fry an egg.


If you are a health food freak you probably know all about the power of chia seeds. Chia seeds = lots of protein, fiber and healthy fats.

To make an amazingly tasty chia seed pudding grab 6 tablespoons of chia seeds and splash some milk on them. If you want to go full health nut you can swap cow’s milk for soy or rice milk.

Mix in some of your favourite fruits to give your pudding an extra sweetness and some extra carbs so you can keep rolling for hours on the BJJ mats. Fruits that go well with a chia seed pudding are blueberries, raspberries, sultanas and bananas.

You need to leave your creation overnight so the chia seeds can be thoroughly soaked. Then when you get up the next morning you will be greeted with a very tasty and very healthy breakfast fit for a BJJ world champion.


This is a great option if you have no time to prepare breakfast. Grab a plain bagel, throw on some peanut butter, quickly slice a banana, put that on top and finish with a drizzle of honey!

4. Trusty Old OATMEAL

Oatmeal is old school and is considered cereal’s older healthier cousin. Oatmeal is packed with fiber, has little sugar and is a master at providing you with slow acting carbs. Oatmeal is very satiating and will keep you full for hours.

To ensure your oatmeal is super yummy use milk and mix in your favourite fruits. This oatmeal recipe is a yummy but also nutritious alternative to cereal for BJJ athletes.

5. GREEK YOGURT With Fruit

Greek yogurt is another super food BJJ athletes should be munching down. Greek yogurt is filled with protein, has low sugar and high levels of calcium. Greek yogurt is also cultured meaning it contains billions of gut-friendly bacteria that will help keep your digestive system strong and healthy.

BJJ players should grab 3 scoops of Greek yogurt, mix it with a concoction of their favourite foods and drizzle honey over it. You can also add some nuts such as almonds or walnuts.


Bodybuilders have long been obsessed with eggs and it’s for good reason. Eggs are filled with protein and packed with healthy fats. Not to mention they take a few minutes to cook, taste great and go with nearly anything.

Eggs have a slightly controversial reputation due to their cholesterol levels. However, the latest scientific research has shown that a healthy human will reduce their own natural cholesterol production in response to consuming high amounts of eggs. BJJ athletes should be able to eat up to 2 eggs per day without suffering any negative impact to their cholesterol levels.

If you want to beef up your carb intake you add toast to your eggs. If you need some extra protein fry up some sausages or bacon alongside your eggs.


For BJJ athletes breakfast is not just about giving into the desires of your taste buds. BJJ athletes need to use breakfast wisely so they can consume high quality foods which will aid their performance during training and competition. Test out some of our recipes for your breakfast meal and tell us how you felt during BJJ training.

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