Why Are Arm Wrestlers So Strong?

Arm wrestlers are known for being insanely strong. How did they develop this strength or was it just gifted to them? We are going to do a deep dive into arm wrestling strength.

Why are arm wrestlers are so strong?

Arm wrestlers are so strong due to genetic gifts for strength and large arms/hands, they also take performance enhancing drugs, rigorously weight train and spend years perfecting their arm wrestling technique.

Arm Wrestlers Are Gifted In The Strength Department

A lot of arm wrestlers are naturally gifted. If you talk to many professional arm wrestlers they will tell you stories of growing up and arm wrestling all their friends and never losing. Many were beating adults with ease as young teenagers.

This ability to arm wrestle is based on a number of genetic gifts. Firstly, many arm wrestlers have been blessed with very large and thick hands, huge wrists and arms. These blessings give them a significant advantage over average people as they can easily manipulate an opponent’s arm and create high amounts of leverage while their opponent is stuck in a disadvantageous position.

Top arm wrestlers aren’t just blessed with large hands and arms they are also gifted with massive overall size. The best arm wrestlers are well over 6ft and weight 260 pounds plus. With freaks like Levan Saganashvili and Denis Cyplenkov weighing over 300 pounds. With so much size an average human doesn’t have the strength to put up any fight and can’t even more their arm an inch.

The third gift is a neural gift which allows them to display huge amounts of power. Most average people are only able to recruit a certain percentage of their muscle fibers when trying to perform a feat of strength. This limits the amount of power they can generate.

High level arm wrestlers are able to recruit a much larger percentage of muscle fibers due to enhanced neural signalling. This neural signalling can be trained but naturally strong people are gifted in this department. Due to this enhanced neural signalling arm wrestlers can display power that is unfathomable to average people.

Arm Wrestlers Lift Weights To Build Strength

While most arm wrestlers are naturally strong and have been blessed with size they compound their gifts by lifting weights. Professional arm wrestlers are very disciplined and dedicated when it comes to lifting weights. The top pullers are lifting multiple times a week and throwing around huge weights.

These are some of the lifts by top arm wrestlers:

Denis Cyplenkov

  • Strict curl – 249 pounds
  • Cheat curl – 400 pounds
  • Bench press – 595 pounds
  • Squat – 705 pounds
  • Deadlift – 750 pounds
  • Shoulder Press – 400 pounds

Levan Saganashvili

  • Dumbell Preacher curl – 230 pounds
  • Bench press – 550 pounds
  • Seated barbell curl – 290 pounds
  • Finger cable pull – 230 pounds
  • Wrist curl on table – 230 pounds

These numbers are totally insane and once you can see how much some of these arm wrestlers can lift it makes sense why average people have no chance of beating them in a match.

Arm Wrestlers Spend Years Developing Their Technique

While arm wrestling is definitely a strength heavy sport technique plays a major role. Professional arm wrestlers are training for hours everyday perfecting their technique. Just like a tennis player is working on his forehand or a basketball is working on his jump shot an arm wrestler is developing his static hold, pressing and hooking skills.

Arm wrestling just like any other sports takes years to master. By performing a sport for years athletes develop specialized strength. For example a wrestler can generate huge power when performing a takedown but not be able to generate any power when serving a tennis ball.

The same effect occurs in arm wrestling. By practicing arm wrestling for thousands of hours athletes’ bodies adapt to the sport and they can perform freaky feats of strength such as explosive pressing power and absurd static strength where the hands of multiple average men can’t even move their arm.

Do Arm Wrestlers Take Steroids?

Many top professional arm wrestlers take steroids and growth hormone to increase their strength, size of their arms/hands and their overall mass. Testosterone and Anadrol are particularly popular drugs.

Steroids are incredibly popular in arm wrestling. There is often little to no testing at arm wrestling events and nothing even close to WADA. You combine this with the fact that steroids have such a positive influence on an athlete’s strength and ability to grow then it is no wonder so many arm wrestlers use gear.

You just need to look at the physiques and the weights of arm wrestlers in the super heavy weight division to know that the majority of the top guys are using performance enhancing drugs.

The most popular steroid for arm wrestlers is Testosterone. This is because it is cheap, easy to access pharma grade quality, side effects are straight forward to manage and it is highly effective at building muscle and increasing strength. The top super heavyweight arm wrestlers are using grams of Testosterone.

Another highly popular performance enhancing drug is growth hormone. Arm wrestlers use growth hormone to help them increase their body’s ability to hold muscle and also to increase the size of their hands and wrists. If you use 8ius and more of growth hormone for prolonged periods of time you can permanently increase the size of your hands and wrists.

Another drug that arm wrestlers love is Anadrol. Arm wrestlers will often take Anadrol before training and competitions. Anadrol is widely used amongst arm wrestlers because it increases aggression and causes “roid rage” which is great for getting in the zone for training or competition.

Anadrol also provides athletes with immediate strength increases. Athletes can expect to smash PRs by using Anadrol. It is also a potent muscle builder. helping arm wrestlers build their huge physiques.


Arm wrestlers are incredibly strong thanks to their natural gifts with many being blessed with huge hands and large frames. Arm wrestlers further increase their strength by taking steroids, spend hours lifting weights and dedicating their lives to mastering arm wrestling techniques.

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