Why Should Kids Train BJJ?

Are you thinking about signing your kid up to BJJ lessons at your local gym? You might be a little concerned about letting your child train a full contact martial art. Do you really want your kid getting thrown to the ground strangled by some big brute? Before you make your decision we will make the case for why your child should rolling around the BJJ mats

Why should kids train BJJ?

Kids should train BJJ because it is a powerful martial art that will help them learn to defend themselves, increase their athleticism, strength, build mental toughness, work in a team, cope with defeat and make long term, deep friendships.

BJJ Will Teach Your Child How To Defend Themselves

Bullying is a serious problem wherever groups of children gather. In the schoolyard it can be a serious problem with many children developing mental disorders suffering physical injuries from bullying.

Bullies often pick on weak children who aren’t capable of defending themselves. If you want to ensure your child is never bullied then you need to teach them how to fight.

BJJ is one of the most effective martial arts. Your child will learn how to take an attacker down, pin them and then submit. BJJ will teach your child how to defeat a much larger opponent in a safe way that results in neither your child or the attacker getting hurt.

If you want your child to be safe from bullies then get some down to their local BJJ gym. What bully would be stupid enough to mess with your child when they are capable of tossing any child to the ground and quickly choking them unconscious.

BJJ Will Get Your Child In Shape

Childhood obesity is unfortunately a major public health crisis and all the related diseases that coincide with that such as diabetes and heart disease. This is an epidemic which is reducing the life expectancy of many children.

The best way to reduce childhood obesity is regular and consistent training. Rugby is a great form of exercise. In an hour of BJJ you can burn 600 to 700 calories. BJJ athletes regularly lose a couple of pounds each session.

The amazing thing about BJJ is that it is so fun that it becomes addicting unlike many other forms of training. With BJJ your child will be begging you to take them to the dojo every week. You won’t have to force them to exercise.

If you want your child to be fit and healthy then BJJ is a great choice.

BJJ Will Make Your Child Strong

Have you seen the physiques of some BJJ athletes? They are muscular and very strong. 

During BJJ training your child will learn how to pick up and throw opponents. They will learn to pin and escape different holds. They will be taught how to develop vice like grips so their opponents have no chance of escape. Few sports have the ability to build as much physical strength as BJJ does.

Your child will be proud and confident knowing that they are powerful and strong. This confidence can lead to him finding success in all aspects of life such as relationships and career.

BJJ Will Teach Your Child Not To Be A Sore Loser

If your kid steps onto the BJJ mats they will get tapped hundreds and hundreds of times. This is the reality of learning BJJ and is a valuable experience to deal with at an early age. 

Life is riddled with adversity and setbacks. If your children can develop this skill at an early age they will be more resilient and better equipped to deal with all the things that life can throw at them.

Children are regularly shielded from facing defeat and the harsher aspects of life. There is no hiding from loss in BJJ. When you tap you are admitting that your opponent could kill you and have to accept defeat and bounce back from it. A child who can handle and overcome loss is a well rounded and high functioning individual. BJJ is an effective way to ensure your child can handle loss.

BJJ Will Teach Your Child To Be A Gracious Winner

Arrogant people are disliked both on the BJJ mats and in life. BJJ has a code of sportsmanship that teaches athletes to win with class. After each match whether win, lose or draw your child will shake their opponent’s hand and thank them for the match. Any negativity on the BJJ mats will be forgotten and forgiven.

If you want your child to develop good sportsmanship, win graciously and learn how to forgive people then get them training BJJ.

BJJ Will Make Your Child Mentally Strong

BJJ is a full contact martial art. It can be scary and cause a lot of pain. It can result in injuries and can be exhausting. To face the hardships of BJJ and thrive in this environment you need to be mentally strong.

BJJ is not just a physical development tool but also a mental one. BJJ will teach your child to overcome fear when grappling a much larger opponent or tune out the pain after being crushed in side control or dig deep and keep shooting takedowns when their lungs feel like collapsing.

BJJ Will Make Your Child Friends

Even though BJJ is an individual sport athletes become very close with their training partners. BJJ athletes will spend hours everyday with their training partners, sometimes more than with their own families. This provides a create environment for friendships to form as the best way to develop social skills is through constant exposure to social situations. 

As BJJ is a fighting sport the athletes form a special bond that few sports can match. This bond is based on the intimacy of violence as it takes a lot of courage to fight your training partners day in and day out. It also takes a lot of trust that your training partners won’t injure you. This bond provides a great foundation to build a lifelong friendship on. I know many middle aged adults who are still close friends with people they grew up training BJJ with.

If you want your child to meet new people, improve their social skills and make some new friends then they need to be at their local BJJ school.

BJJ Will Help Your Child’s Grades

Are you aware that in shape kids that regularly train in sports score much higher on standardized academic tests than children who are unfit and don’t participate in sports?

Pivarnik, president-elect of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) conducted a study of 317 students from grade 6 to 8 and found that the fittest students scored 30% higher on standardized tests than the least fit group. The unfittest children had marks in four core classes 20 percent lower than the other children.

As BJJ is such a physically gruelling sport it will get your kid into tremendous shape which will not only improve their health but also cause their grades to skyrocket. Who needs a tutor when you have a BJJ coach! They are much cheaper.


BJJ will turn your child into a warrior monk capable of tackling any physical or mental challenge. BJJ will help your child make friends and develop their social skills. BJJ will teach your child the power and teamwork and the art of sportsmanship. Finally BJJ will boost your kid’s grades. With all the benefits offered by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu it is a no brainer, your child needs to be practicing armbars and rear naked chokes today!


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