Does BJJ GI Color Matter?

Unlike Judogis, BJJ Gis come in all sorts of different colors and designs. Only in BJJ will you find a red Gi covered in skulls and strange looking logos. Now many people are appalled by BJJ Gis and their lack of taste but you can’t deny that they are a lot more interesting than the standard plain white or blue Gis you find in Judo. In this article we will explore the meaning behind different BJJ Gi colors and if certain colors will give you magical submission powers.

Does BJJ Gi color matter? No, BJJ Gi color does not matter. Any BJJ belt can choose to wear any Gi color. Most BJJ students opt for blue or white Gis so don’t be surprised if your training partners make fun of you if you turn up in a camo or a fluro yellow Gi. Some BJJ gyms only allow white or blue but the majority are open to all Gi colors.

You do need to be careful about BJJ Gi color if you plan to compete. Some competitions such as the IBJJF only allow specific Gi colors and are very strict about this rule. The official IBJJF rulebook states:

“The GI should be completely white, royal blue or black. No Gi’s will be accepted with different colored jackets or pants nor will we allow the use of GI’s with different colored collars. It is not allowed for athlete’s to wear shirts beneath their GI (except for females, which must comply with item 8.1.4).”

“In the adult black belt divisions (mens and women’s), the event’s organizers may demand that athletes have two gis of different colors (one royal blue and the other white), in order to distinguish between the two athletes in a match.”

If you want to be able to compete in any tournament or train at any BJJ academy it is best to opt for a white or blue Gi. However, if you aren’t too worried about competing and your gym doesn’t have a Gi color policy then go for it buy whatever color you like the best.

What Does A Blue Gi In BJJ Mean?

What does a blue Gi in BJJ mean? A blue Gi does not mean anything in BJJ. A blue BJJ Gi does not signify an athletes skill or experience like a blue belt. Blue Gis are common in BJJ and are worn by all belts from white to black. Blue Gis are also approved to be worn in major competitions such as the IBJJF.

A blue Gi simply means that athlete likes the color blue. It can be a bit boring white all the time, sometimes it is nice to switch it up and wear a blue Gi instead. Black belts who compete in the IBJJF are forced to own a blue Gi as they forced to wear both a white Gi and blue Gi during the competition. The different color Gis are used to differentiate between competing athletes. This system is also used in Judo.

Can I Wear A Black Gi As A White Belt?

Can I wear a black Gi as a white belt? Yes, you can wear a black Gi as a white belt. There is no relationship between Gi colors and belt colors. Don’t worry nobody will think you are trying to claim to be a black belt if you turn up to training in a black Gi. You can even wear your black Gi in major competitions such as IBJJF events.

You can’t deny black Gis look pretty cool. They are much more fun than a boring white Gi. Fortunately if you are a white belt who is thinking of buying a black Gi you don’t have to wait 10 years until you have your black belt to wear one. BJJ has a much more relaxed atmosphere compared to most martial arts. Most BJJ schools have no problem with students wearing whatever Gi color they like. Before you purchase a black Gi just double check your school doesn’t have a Gi color policy, if they don’t then feel free to rock a black Gi as a white belt.

What Does A Red Gi Mean?

What does a red Gi mean? A red Gi does not have any significant meaning in BJJ. Even though a red belt is the highest rank in BJJ a red gi does not describe an athlete’s skill level. Red Gis are uncommon and wearing one means a BJJ athlete is confident enough to express themselves by wearing a Gi which is sure to drawn attention to themselves.

It would be great if a red Gi gave you the powers of a red belt. Unfortunately, if you decide to don a red Gi your submission ability won’t increase. Your skin might potentially skin as you will have to absorb some harsh critiques from your teammates. It is probably best to wait until you actually earn your red belt before you purchase a red Gi because then your training partners will think twice before roasting you and your unusual Gi.

What Color BJJ Gi Should I Get?

What color BJJ Gi should I get? You should start off by buying a white or blue BJJ Gi. These are the most common color Gis worn in BJJ and they are approved to be worn in all competitions. You don’t want to buy for example a grey Gi, then decide you want compete and be forced to buy a second Gi.

White and blue are timeless Gi colors and you can’t go wrong buying either color. Another great thing about buying a white or blue Gi is that if you ever want to train some Judo (you really should, great way to improve your takedowns and learn how to transition from standing to submission) you can wear your BJJ Gi as most Judo gyms typically only allow white or blue Gis.

How Many BJJ Gis Should I Own?

How many BJJ Gis should I own? You should own a minimum of 2 BJJ Gis. By having 2 BJJ Gis you will always have a clean fresh Gi ready to go allowing you to train when you want. If you only have 1 Gi if you damage your Gi or don’t have time to wash or dry it you may have to skip training. Nobody wants to skip BJJ because of lack of Gis.

You should start off by just purchasing one BJJ Gi. Try the sport out for a few months and see if its the right fit for. After training for a few months if you still find yourself obsessing over the details of arm bar and chokes then you should go ahead and purchase your second Gi.

Now if you are truly addicted to BJJ and training like a madman 5-6 times a week then to make your life easier you should consider buying your 3rd Gi. Be careful though Gi addicting is a real condition. I know a few people who suffer from this condition and have a closet full of Gis.

You could always turn your Gi addiction into a side hustle highly collectible Gis such as Shoyoroll and Lucky Gis can go for a pretty penny online if you resell them.

Should You Wash Your GI Everyday?

Should you wash your GI everyday? Yes, you should wash your Gi everyday. By washing your Gi everyday you remove bacteria which can cause nasty skin infections such as staph and ringworm. By washing your Gi everday you keep it smelling fresh and your training partners will thank you, nobody wants to train with someone with bad odor.


There is no relationship between BJJ belts and BJJ Gi colors. No matter what belt you are you can wear what ever Gi color you like. Some gyms only allow certain colors of Gis, typically white and blue, fortunately they are in the small majority. The only thing you need to consider about Gi color is that some competitions such as IBJJF events only allow athletes to white, blue or black Gis. For the most part the BJJ Gi color does not matter so feel free wear whatever color suits you best.

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