Does Wrestling Help In A Fight?

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By training wrestling you will learn how to throw and takedown your opponent to the mat with a variety of different techniques. Wrestling is a serious workout and will make you strong, powerful and explosive but will it teach you to fight?

Does Wrestling Help In A Fight?

Wrestling does help in a fight. You can use wrestling takedowns in a fight to knock attackers unconscious by slamming their head into the ground. You can also use wrestling techniques to pin an attacker to the ground leaving them neutralized, while you punch or hold them until they are arrested.

Wrestling is highly effective in a fight. All you have to do is tune into the latest UFC and watch professional MMA fighters use basic wrestling techniques such as single leg and double leg takedowns to defeat their opponents.

Arguably the greatest MMA fighter of all time Khabib Nurmagomedov used a very heavy wrestling based strategy. Where the fighter from Dagestan would relentlessly attack his opponents with single leg and body lock takedowns. He would then use wrestling pinning techniques to trap his opponents while he would punch him. This wrestling based strategy helped Khabib compile a perfect record of 29-0.

Wrestling Can Be Used In A Variety Of Ways To Help You Win A Street Fight

A popular method of using wrestling in a fight is to slam an attackers head into the ground. As most street fights occur on hard surfaces such as outside on concrete or inside on hard floors attackers do not benefit from falling on padded mats and can easily be knocked unconscious.

Wrestling throws are particularly effective for quickly ending street fights by knocking opponents out as they generate huge power and easily allow you to turn your attacker upside down. Hip throws, arm throws and whizzer kicks are all powerful wrestling techniques that help you in a street fight.

However, before you decide to throw an attacker on their head you should consider the ramifications of your actions. A full power wrestling throw where you spike an attacker’s head on concrete could result in death or permanent injuries. This should only be used in a life or death situation.

If you want to avoid seriously injuring your opponent in a fight you can perform the throw how you would typically at wrestling training and throw your attacker directly to their back. Landing hard square on their back is enough for most attackers to realise they should quit the fight before they get seriously hurt.

Double leg takedowns are another great wrestling technique to use in a street fight. As you will be likely standing on a hard surface and your opponent will be standing up right there is no reason to get low and shoot with your knee touching the ground. Instead just change your level slightly and drive through your opponent.

You can either choose to pick them up and dump them to the ground or stay attached and follow them to the ground. When shooting a double leg in a fight make sure you keep your head up and use your legs to drive through your opponent after making the initial contact.

Takedowns aren’t the only wrestling techniques that will help you in a fight. Wrestling pinning techniques can be very useful in a fight. After you have taken an attacker to the ground you then can use pinning techniques to ensure they can’t escape or harm you. 

The scarf hold is one of the most effective wrestling techniques. This where you face your opponents, wrap your inside arm around their neck in a headlock, you then elevate and trap their inside arm, extend your inside leg and post on your outside leg. 

This is a horrible position to be caught in and gives the attacker little to no chance of escaping. If you push their trapped arm around across their neck and squeeze hard enough you can actually choke your attacker unconscious. UFC and Pride legend Josh Barnett is a master of this position and used it to submit BJJ black belt Dean Lister.

In a street fight once you have your attacker pinned with your superior wrestling moves you can either punch and elbow them until the fight is over, use a little BJJ to submit them or just hold them in place until the police arrive.

If your wrestling pinning techniques are strong you won’t have to worry about your opponent having any chance of escaping or being able to do any damage to you. You just need to be careful of them biting or eye gouging. If they do resort to these dirty tactics just be ready to rain down a storm of punches and elbows to quickly end the fight.

Wrestling will absolutely help you in a fight. You can use wrestling throws to knock attackers unconscious. You can use wrestling takedowns and pins to trap an attacker on the ground while giving them no ability to escape or hurt you. 

While wrestling does lack the tools to finish fights if you combine wrestling techniques with some ground and pound and BJJ submissions you will have no problem defending yourself in a street fight.

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