Is Kickboxing And BJJ A Good Combination?

You may have been training kickboxing or BJJ or have just been doing some research on these two martial arts. You want to know how effective these martial arts and if they can be trained in combination to turn you into a beast of a fighter. All will be revealed in this article.

Is kickboxing and BJJ a good combination? Kickboxing and BJJ is a good combination. These martial arts will turn you into a skilled striker and grappler which are the two fundamental aspects of fighting. You will comfortable standing or on the ground. These two martial arts are trained by all high level MMA fighters.

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Is Boxing And BJJ A Good Combination?

Jiu-Jitsu black belt Royce Gracie kicks at cruiserweight boxer Art Jimmerson during a 1st round match in the Ultimate Fighter Championships in Denver, Colorado. Gracie went on to win the match and eventually the championship. Mandatory Credit: Markus Boes

Is boxing and BJJ a good combination? Boxing and BJJ is a good combination. UFC fighters train in both boxing and BJJ as they are two of the most effective martial arts. Boxing will make you an expert at striking on your feet while BJJ will make you a killer on the ground. Combined you will be a complete fighter who can knockout and submit their opponent with ease.

Is Muay Thai And BJJ A Good Combination?

Is Muay Thai and BJJ a good combination? Mauy Thai and BJJ is a good combination. Both Mauy Thai and BJJ are trained in combination by MMA fighters as they are so powerful and work out against trained killers. You want to train martial arts which are effective against professional fighters.

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Should I Do Kickboxing Or Jiu Jitsu?

Should I do kickboxing or Jiu Jitsu? You should do kickboxing if you like throwing punches and kicks and Jiu Jitsu if you like wrestling and submissions. Kickboxing is more intense as the risk of concussions and being knocked out is higher. Jiu Jitsu is a safer sport which you practice for longer. Both are great forms of self defense and cardio. 

Kickboxing will teach you to become an expert in punching, kicking and kneeing. Within 6 months your kicks and punches will fluid and you will be throwing great combos. After 1 year you will executing beautiful kicking and punching combos while sparring and you will be ready to compete. Kickboxing will get you in great shape and help you drop any excess weight.

However kickboxing is dangerous. You can receive brain damage and concussions from taking blows to the head and broken hands and ribs are common. Kickboxing is a tough sport and you will get hit a lot. It is not a sport for everyone. Also depending on where you are located it may not be easy to locate a kickboxing gym.

BJJ will teach you how to take an opponent down, pin and then finish them with joint lock or choke. BJJ is a highly effective form of self defense which can be used to quickly and safely finish a fight. After 1 year of training BJJ you will be in a position to use your BJJ skills to defend yourself against an attacker of similar size and after 2 years you should be able to handle someone significantly bigger than you.

BJJ does have some downsides. BJJ is expensive and can set you back $120 to $200 per month for membership fees. You will also need to buy at least two Gis which can be a further $70 – $200 each. If you don’t live in a big city you may not be able to find a BJJ gym. BJJ can also be harsh on your body particularly on your neck, back and knees so you need to be careful and look after your body if you want to train BJJ.

Should I Do Boxing Or Jiu Jitsu?

Should I do boxing or Jiu Jitsu? You should do boxing if you prefer striking and Jiu Jitsu if you prefer grappling. Less people will enjoy boxing as getting punched in the face regularly is not for everyone. Both martial arts are highly effective for self defense. You should try both out and see which you prefer.

Pros Of Boxing

  • Cheap – you can often find boxing for $10-$50 per month as clubs are subsidized and most coaches are volunteers
  • Quick to learn – within a few months you will be able to throw a nice jab and 1-2
  • Great Cardio – boxing will get your heart racing and will help you drop extra weight quickly
  • Little Equipment – you can just wear t-shirt, shorts and buy a pair of cheap gloves ($30-$50) and you are ready to box
  • Opportunity to compete – boxing is an Olympic sport with lots of competitions and a developed professional circuit where you can potentially earn millions
  • Effective form of self defense – all fights standing with usually at least one attacker throwing punches, punching someone in the face is proven effective way to win a fight

Cons Of Boxing

  • Brain damage – you will get hit a lot in the head in boxing, this can cause concussions and have long term effects on your brain
  • Coaching can often be poor – many coaches are volunteers who do not know how to teach correct technique and develop a boxer correctly
  • Steep learning curve when you start sparring – When you first start sparring you are most likely going to struggle particularly if you are sparring against experienced fighters. You will get hit a lot.
  • Brutal sport – In sparring and competition you will get hit a lot, cuts, black eyes and concussions are not uncommon, most people will not want to endure this regularly particularly if boxing is just a hobby

Pros Of Jiu Jitsu

  • Effective form of self defense – Jiu Jitsu’s effectiveness has been proven in MMA and by the Gracie’s in street fights, Jiu Jitsu allows you to win a fight without hurting your opponent
  • Safe sport – Jiu Jitsu has one of the lowest injury rates for all contact martial arts – 9 injuries per 1000 exposures
  • Friendly atmosphere – easy to make friends and find a welcoming supportive community
  • Regular competitions – if you feel like competing there is lots of opportunity
  • Fun hobby – people often talk about how addicting Jiu Jitsu is and how much fun they have training
  • Great workout – Jiu Jitsu is cardio intensive and will also work your muscles – great sport if you want to lose some weight and build some muscle

Cons Of Jiu Jitsu

  • Expensive – you are looking at $120-$200 per month for monthly membership fees
  • Lack of access to gyms – Jiu Jitsu can be found in major cities, if you live in a small town you might not have access to a gym or if you live in a big city the commute to your nearest gym may be 40 mins plus
  • Requires a uniform – In Jiu Jitsu you have to wear a strange uniform known as a Gi. They can be quite expensive ($70-$200) and you may not want to wear it
  • Some issues with effectiveness for self defense – Jiu Jitsu does not teach any striking and often takedowns are neglected. If you want to use grappling for self defense you need to be proficient in takedowns
  • Chronic injuries – Jiu Jitsu can lead to chronic injuries particularly to the neck and back, which can cause long term pain

Both boxing and Jiu Jitsu are great sports and highly effective martial arts. You should weigh up the pros and cons outlined above, try out both sports and see what suits you best.

Is Kickboxing A Good Form Of Self Defense?

Is kickboxing a good form of self defense? Kickboxing is a good form of self defense. As all fights start standing and usually involve striking, kickboxing will teach you how to defend against and use strikes to win a fight. Kickboxing will make you an expert at punching and kicking which can be used to render an attacker unconscious or incapacitated 

Is Kickboxing Useful In A Street Fight?

Is kickboxing useful in a street fight? Kickboxing is useful in a street fight. Kickboxing will teach you how to win a street fight with punches, kicks and knees. Most fights start with someone throwing punches, kickboxing will teach you how to counter those punches and knock that person out.

You can also use kickboxing to win a street fight without seriously hurting your attacker. Most people will quit after a strong kick to the leg or a knee to the stomach. This is very important as you don’t want to punch someone have them fall and hit their head and die. Now you are looking at spending years of your life behind bars because of a stupid fight.

Kickboxing particularly the Dutch style teaches you to block punches with a high guard which relies on your elbows to stop strikes. This style of blocking is very effective in a street fight as you can not rely on big boxing gloves to block punches. This style of blocking is more suited to a street fight and will make it harder for your opponent to slip punches through your guard.

Boxers tend to use a lower guard than kickboxers and use the gloves to block punches. This is effective in boxing however in a street fight this leaves you open to punches slipping by your guard. If you are a boxing make sure you adapt your guard and use your elbows to block if you find yourself in a street fight.


Being an expert in one area of fighting is no longer good enough. To be the best fighter you need to be a complete martial artist who is competent in all aspects fighting. By training kickboxing and BJJ you be an expert at striking and grappling. You will be able to throw strikes which can knockout your opponent while being able to take your opponent down and submit them using joint locks and chokes. This versatility will make you a deadly fighter and a nightmare to face.



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