What Are The Easiest And Most Effective BJJ Submissions From Mount!

What Are The Easiest And Most Effective BJJ Submissions From Mount?

Are you tired of working so hard to pass the guard and reach mount only to discover you don’t know any submissions. While mount is one of the most powerful positions in all of BJJ and MMA attacking and securing the submission can be a little tricky for beginners.

To help you out we are going to break down the very mount submissions which will allow you to quickly start submitting your teammates. After you add these BJJ submissions to your arsenal don’t be surprised if you nobody wants to let you get mount ever again!

The easiest an most effective BJJ submissions from mount are:

  • Kimura
  • Americana
  • Arm Triangle
  • Mounted Triangle
  • S-Mount Armbar
  • Ezekiel Choke

All of these mount BJJ submissions are very high percentage and quick to learn.

What Is The Mount In BJJ And MMA?

The mount in BJJ and MMA is a position where an athlete has their opponent pinned on their back is sitting on top of them. The attacking athlete has their hips on or above their opponent’s hips. This is a very dominant position as the bottom fighter is trapped and can not attack effectively.

The mount is a fundamental position in both BJJ and MMA. Throughout matches you will consistently see athletes try to advance to the mount position. Once in the mount position fighters will attack with punches, elbows and of course submissions.

The mount position in BJJ and MMA is so strong because the fighter on the bottom is trapped under the body weight of the attacking athlete. The mount position also allows the top fighter to punch and submit while the bottom fighter is effectively helpless and can not offer any offence.

When a fighter gets stuck in mount they will immediately attempt to escape because they realize the serious danger they are in!

Is The Americana A Good Submission From Mount?

Americana is a basic submission from mount but is great for beginners. Finishing the Americana from mount on proficient BJJ athletes is difficult. But it is worth trying as it is a low risk low reward submission because you don’t  losing position when attacking.

Check Out A Great Demo Of The Americana!

The Americana is a shoulder lock and is the reverse of its more famous brother the Kimura. To increase the effectiveness of the Americana you need to quickly pin your opponent’s risk to the mat and attack the submission without giving your opponent the chance to wriggle away.

You need to practice smoothly pinning the wrist with your far hand and then sliding your near arm under your opponent’s bicep and grabbing your own wrist. If you can perform this movement quickly you will be able to finish a lot more  of your Americanas.  Learn more about the Americana here.

Should You Attack The Kimura From Mount?

The Kimura is one of the powerful submissions from the mount. The Kimura generates huge amounts of pressure on the shoulder, gives a BJJ athlete great control of their partner and can also be used to take the back. 

The Kimura is an incredibly popular submission from mount because of its incredible power. It is very easy to seriously hurt someones shoulder or even break their arm with a Kimura. You don’t need to apply much pressure to have your opponent screaming tap.

The other great aspect of the Kimura is that you can use it to take the back. To do this you establish a Kimura grip from mount then dismount by placing your weight on your outside knee, drape your non-kneeling leg across your opponent and pull them into your seated lap.

Then simply wrap your legs around them and boom you now have back control

Here Is A Great Example A Kimura Trap Back Take!

Is The S-Mount Armbar An Effective Submission?

In BJJ the S-mount armbar is a fundamental position and one of the top attacks you can go for from mount. It takes a little practice but once you can establish a tight S-mount you will have no trouble finishing armbars without losing position. 

To Finish An S-Mount Armbar Check Out This Awesome Demonstration!

Is The Mounted Triangle A Good BJJ Submission From Mount?

The mounted triangle is an easy submission to lock up up from mount. However, it does require some flexibility and skill to finish. To increase your finish attack a mounted triangle after establishing an underhook.

Watch MMA Legend Khabib Teach You How To Finish A Triangle From Mount

The secret to finishing mounted triangles is catching your opponent by surprise. To do this you need to have great leg control and be able to identify triangle opportunities before your opponent can react.

Another tip to increase your submission rate with a mounted triangle is once you have the triangle locked fall to your and pull your opponent’s head down. This allows you to exert more pressure and makes it much easier to choke!

Do Arm Triangles Work?

Arm triangles are a high percentage submission that many BJJ athletes use from mount. Beginners often have trouble cleanly choking their opponent but if you slide your bottom arm deep and grab your opponent’s lat you will easily choke them out.

Check Out A Great Demo Of The Arm Triangle Below!

To get an arm triangle to work you need push your opponent’s arm across their neck and then secure it with your head. Once you have their arm trapped you take your outside arm and slid it under their neck and grab their lat.

Then you lower your body and drive your shoulder into their neck while squeezing. You can finish the submission by staying in mount or transitioning to side control.

The secret to the arm triangle getting your bottom arm super deep, adjusting your shoulder pressure to choke while then crush your opponent and squeezing everything tight.

After transitioning to side control you can clasp your hands together to apply some extra pressure!

Is The Ezekiel Choke An Effective Submission From Mount?

The Ezekiel choke is a high percentage choke that you can use to submit your opponent from mount is cause a reaction and set up another submission. The Ezekiel is a safe submission because you don’t have to risk losing mount when attacking it. 

Check Out How To Perform An Ezekiel Choke From Mount!

To increase the effectiveness of the Ezekiel choke from mount you need to trap your opponent’s arms against their body. You can do this by climbing your opponent and squeezing your knees around their arms.

Another tip to improve the effectiveness of the Ezekiel choke from mount is that you need to get your bottom arm very deep and right around your opponent’s neck. The deeper you get your arm the tighter the choke will be.

A great benefit of the Ezekiel choke from mount is that is that you can attack it over and over again without the fear of losing position. You can go for the submission while staying balanced and pressuring into your opponent, giving them no chance to escape your brutally tight mount!

How To Stop Being Submitted In BJJ When In Mount?

To stop being submitted in mount you need to keep your elbows tight and your chin tucked. Then to escape mount bridge and push against your opponents hips, moving them to one side, elevate both of your legs wiggle away from your opponent. This is known as the kipping escape.

You will never get submitted from mount if you learn to perfect the kipping escape.

Check out the video below to learn how to master the BJJ kipping escape!

The Principles Of The BJJ Kipping Escape

  • Have your legs bent – You need to have your legs bent at a 90 degree angle with your entire foot on the ground. Be ready to drive into the mat and explode into a bridge.
  • Keep your elbows tucked – Your elbows need to be close to your body to prevent your opponent isolating an arm and working for an armbar, Kimura trap or gift wrap.
  • Bridge and push your opponents hips at the same time – To move your opponent you need to bridge and push your opponents hips in one fluid motion. Remember to push them in a diagonal direction to one side and not straight back.
  • After your opponent is elevated, life your legs and wiggle – Once you have created space between you and your opponent lift your legs, close them together and wiggle to the side away from your opponent.
  • Once you have successfully wiggled away, lock up single leg x – After you have moved away from your opponent, wrap your outside leg around your opponent’s outside leg and place your foot on their hip, take your inside knee and clamp it against your opponent’s outside leg securing them in place. This position is known as single leg x.

Wrapping Up Submissions From Mount!

If you want to start submitting people from mount try the following submissions:

  • Americana
  • Arm triangle
  • Armbar
  • Mounted triangle
  • Ezekiel choke

To escape mount with ease and never be submitted again try the kipping escape!


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