What Shoes Do Wrestlers Wear?

If you have seen wrestlers competing or training you will realize they don’t workout barefoot. They wear shoes which kind of look like regular running shoes but are a little different. In this piece we will answer all your questions relating to wrestling shoes.

What shoes do wrestlers wear? Wrestlers wear specialized shoes which typically have a split sole bottom with grip on the heel and ball of the foot, allowing a wrestling to maintain balance. Wrestling shoes are soft, lightweight, breathable to help a wrestler move quickly. Wrestling shoes are mid tops to support wrestlers’ ankles.

Wrestling is a unique sport. Athletes compete on soft mats which can be easily damaged and can cause to wrestlers becoming injured if the mats become bunched or very slippery. Wrestlers also need to maintain high levels of balance and be able to change directions rapidly. To deal with the realities of wrestling special shoes have been designed to stop mats becoming damaged, to protect athletes from injuring their toes, feet and ankles and to help wrestlers maintain their balance and move quickly and explosively.

What Are Wrestling Shoes Good For?

What are wrestling shoes good for? Wrestling shoes provide support for your ankle, feet and toes. Broken and and dislocated toes and twisted ankles are common when wrestling barefoot. Wrestling shoes are good for increasing your power when shooting takedowns and your balance due to the extra grip they provide.

Wrestling shoes protect your feet, toes and ankles. During wrestling you will be shifting your weight between your legs, changing directions and exploding rapidly. These movements can lead to you twisting your ankle or getting your foot or toes stuck in the mat causing a break or dislocation. Wresting shoes reduce the risk of these injuries.

To initiate a wrestling takedown you need to push off the mat with your feet. Wrestling shoes allow to push off the mat harder as they have a significant amount of grip on the sole. This results in your shots having more power. The more powerful your takedowns are the more likely they will be successful.

Wrestling takes place on soft mats. These mats particularly when people are sweating can become very slippery. As you are moving in different directions at a rapid pace while wrestling you are susceptible to losing your balance which can result in your opponent scoring or you becoming injured. Wrestling shoes have a lot of grip which has been specially designed to ensure you keep your balance while wrestling.

Can You Squat In Wrestling Shoes?

Can you squat in wrestling shoes? Yes, you can squat in wrestling shoes. Wresting shoes are good for lowbar squats as they have a flat sole and are mid tops giving you ankle support. However, they are not well suited to highbar squats instead you should wear a heeled shoe such as a specialized Olympic weightlifting shoe.

Can You Run In Wrestling Shoes?

Can you run in wrestling shoes? No, you should not run in wrestling shoes. Wrestling shoes are designed to be worn on soft wrestling mats. If you run in wrestling shoes they will become damaged. You can run in wrestling shoes if you run inside on wrestling mats but if you are hitting the trails or the sidewalk leave your wrestling shoes at home.

Whether you can run in wrestling shoes depends on where you plan on running. Do you plan on running on the sidewalk, your local park or on trails through the forest? If so then you can not run in wrestling shoes as wrestling shoes are designed to be worn indoors and they will not be able to withstand the damage of outdoor use.

Do you plan on running indoors on wrestling mats? If so then yes you can run in wrestling shoes. Wrestling shoes are designed to be worn on wrestling mats and due to this specialized design they will be your best choice if you are running around the mats.

Are Wrestling Shoes Good For Deadlifting?

Are wrestling shoes good for deadlifting? Yes, wrestling shoes are good for deadlifting as they have a flat sole which allows you to get in an optimal deadlifting position and limits the amount of distance the bar has to travel. Wrestling shoes are also mid top so they can give your ankles added support.

When you are deadlifting you want to wear shoes that are thin and flat. This allows your body to be in the strongest position possible to execute a deadlift. A thin shoe also reduces the distance the weightlifting bar has to go to successfully complete the lift. Who doesn’t want to make deadlifting easier. Fortunately, wrestling shoes are both flat and very thin making them an optimal shoe to deadlift in.

Can You Wear Wrestling Shoes Outside?

Can you wear wrestling shoes outside? No, you can not wear wrestling shoes outside. Wrestling are designed to be worn on soft mats and will become damaged if worn outside. Wearing wrestling shoes outside and then using them on wrestling mats is a hygiene issue, you can spread bacteria and infect yourself and your teammates. 

Wrestling shoes have been designed to be worn on wrestling mats. Wearing wrestling shoes outside will damage them. Their soft sole make them susceptible to wear and tear when worn outside on pavement or on other hard surfaces. If you are going outside forget about wearing your wrestling shoes.

If you use your wrestling shoes for training wrestling then under no circumstances should they be worn outside. In wrestling your face and other parts of your body will come into contact with the mat and your shoes will come into contact with your training partner’s body. If your shoes have been worn outside they will have accumulated bacteria which will be spread when you wrestle. This is a health hazard and can lead to you and your teammates suffering from different illnesses. To avoid this do not wear wrestling shoes outside.

Do They Make Wide Wrestling Shoes?

Do they make wide wrestling shoes? Yes, they make wide wrestling shoes. Wrestling shoes that are well suited to wide feet include, the Nike Takedown series, Asics Cael V series, Asics Mat Control and the Nike Inflict series. Any of these options will fit your wide feet and allow you to wrestle comfortably.

Wrestling shoes are typically narrow, fit snuggly and are mid top. This can make finding wrestling shoes that will accommodate a wrestler with large feet difficult. Fortunately, there are styles of wrestling shoes which are accommodating to wide feet. These include Nike’s Takedown and Inflict series and Asics Cael and Mat Control series. If you like a particular wrestling shoe but find it a bit narrow you can always try 1 size up and see if that helps.

Even though you may have wide feet you have to remember that wrestling shoes are meant to be very tight. If your new wrestling shoes are too tight don’t worry as after training in them for a while they will stretch and become more comfortable.

Does Nike Make Wrestling Shoes?

Does Nike make wrestling shoes? Yes, Nike does make wrestling shoes. Nike has a wide range of wrestling shoes from entry level to elite. SpeedSweeps are Nike’s entry level shoe, Takedowns are the mid level model and Freeks are the elite model. Nike wrestling shoes cost between $60-$150.

Nike is a major producer of wrestling shoes. Nike is the number 2 manufacturer of wrestling shoes closely behind Asics. Nike shoes are worn by all level athletes from local boys to Olympic gold medalists. Nike has a wide range shoes that suit every wrestler’s style and budget. You can not go wrong buying a pair of Nike shoes.

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