Can You Do BJJ With Long Hair?

Can You Do Jiu Jitsu With Long Hair?

Can you do Jiu Jitsu with long hair? Yes, you can do Jiu Jitsu with long hair. It can be uncomfortable to do Jiu Jitsu with long hair as it can get caught and be pulled when your opponent establishes grips. Long hair can also irritate your training partner’s when it rubs in their eyes. These issues can be avoided by tying your long hair in a tight bun.

Jiu Jitsu with long hair is not recommended. There are a lot of downsides to training BJJ with long hair.

  • Very hot – BJJ is hot with short hair but with long hair it can be very uncomfortable, you will sweat more and are more likely to overheat
  • Obstructed vision – can be very frustrating when your hair gets in your eyes, causing irritation and stopping you from seeing what is going. You don’t want to get blast double legged while your hair is in your eye and you can’t see it coming.
  • Hair will get pulled – If you have long hair it will get pulled and yanked while training BJJ. It is inevitable. Grabbing the neck and back of the head is such an important part of BJJ that when your training partners establish these grips they will end up pulling on your hair. This will be painful and will also slow down your training as most people will pause to see if you are ok.
  • Hair will get tangled – As you roll around and your hair is pressed against the mat and your training partners and then constantly moved around it will get tangled. You will develop knots and your hair will become a mess. Obviously it can be untangled but it is still annoying to have to fix your hair after each training session.
  • Annoy Your Training Partners – Training with someone with long hair can be very annoying. You have to be extra careful when gripping not to pull your partner’s hair. If you do accidentally pull their hair you need to stop training and see if they are ok. Also who wants someones long hair rubbing against their eyes causing irritation.
  • Longer Prep Time – You will have to spend longer getting ready for training. You can’t just throw on a t-shirt and some shorts and hit the mats. You will have to spend that extra time making sure your hair is tied properly. It is better to spend that extra time before training and get your hair secured rather than doing a half ass job and having to continuously fiddle with your hair during practice.

Does BJJ Cause Hair Loss?

Does BJJ cause hair loss? No, BJJ does not cause hair loss. Your hair does experience significant rubbing when training BJJ. However there is no evidence that BJJ causes hair loss. BJJ will not cause short term or long term hair loss.

Many BJJ practitioners choose to shave their short. It is more comfortable to train with short hair. You do not have to worry about getting your hair pulled. It is cooler, it is easy to overheat and get sweat in your eye when you have long hair. You don’t have to worry about your hair getting in your or your training partner’s eye. The amount of people in BJJ with short hair is a choice due to comfort and is no way proof that BJJ causes hair loss.

There are quite a few bald BJJ athletes. However the baldness is not connected to BJJ. However it may be related to the rampant steroid use among BJJ athletes. A major side effect of testosterone is hair loss and male pattern baldness.

How Do You Tie Your Hair For BJJ?

How do you tie your hair for BJJ? The best way to tie your hair for BJJ is with a tight bun or braids. These hairstyles will keep your hair in place which will help you avoid having your hair pulled and stop your hair getting in your eyes. These hairstyles will also keep you cool while training BJJ.

Here is a great video which gives you some options on how to ties your hair for BJJ

Can You Do MMA With Long Hair?

Can you do MMA with long hair? Yes, you can do MMA with long hair. However it is uncomfortable which is why most MMA athletes choose to have short hair cuts. If you do MMA with long hair just make sure you braid or tie your hair in a bun to avoid your hair blocking your vision or being accidentally pulled. You don’t want to have to stop training because your hair gets tangled.

Fighting with long hair puts you at a disadvantage. It can be pulled causing you pain. It can be used to control you and prevent you from completing techniques. It can get in your eyes which can prevent you from seeing strikes and takedowns. It is hard enough to see a punch coming if you don’t have hair blocking your vision.

Can You Have Long Hair In MMA?

Can you have long hair in MMA? Yes, you can have long hair in MMA, however you will need to tie your hair in a tight bun or braid it. Otherwise your hair will get in your eyes, blocking your vision. If you do not tie your long hair in MMA you risk getting your hair pulled out, causing you lots of pain.

Can You Pull Hair In MMA?

Can you pull hair in MMA? You can not pull hair in MMA. It is against the rules to pull hair in MMA. Pulling hair in MMA will result a point deduction or a disqualification. Pulling hair is considered unsportsmanlike and a cheap move and therefore is banned in MMA.

Pulling hair is a serious foul in modern MMA. However it wasn’t always illegal. In early MMA and Vale Tudo fights hair pulling was legal and was used effectively. Some famous examples include Royce Grace Vs Kimo Leopoldo at UFC 3 in 194 and Erik Paulson vs. James Warring at WCC 1 in 1995.

Here are some early MMA fights where hair pulling was used effectively


Why Do Female MMA Fighters Braid Their Hair?

Why do female MMA fighters braid their hair? Female MMA fighters braid their hair to avoid having their hair pulled and to avoid having their hair getting in their eyes which can restrict their vision making them susceptible to strikes and takedowns. Braids are an easy and effective way to keep MMA fighters’ hair securely in place.

You need your vision in MMA. If you can’t see clearly there is a real threat of you being knocked out from a strike. To ensure female MMA fighters can see clearly they braid their hair to stop their long hair from covering their eyes.

Female MMA fighters choose braids over other hairstyles because braids are very secure. With braids female MMA fighters do not have to worry about their long hair coming undone and potentially costing them the fight or forcing the fight to be temporarily stopped while they re tie their hair.

Can You Do Judo With Long Hair?

Can you do Judo with long hair? Yes, you can do Judo with long hair. However you need to tie your hair up otherwise there is a good chance you will get your hair pulled when your opponent establishes a collar grip. Also when doing Judo with long hair you need to avoid your hair getting in your eyes which will obstruct your vision negatively effecting your Judo performance.

A fundamental Judo grip is the collar. This grip gives you a large degree of control over your opponent as it gives you control over your opponent’s neck. I love setting up an Uchi Mata from this grip. Unfortunately if you have long hair and your training partner’s are quickly taking this collar grip they will sometimes take a handful of your hair with them. This is not fun and can be painful.


You can do BJJ with long hair. However there a lot of downsides to having long hair and training BJJ. These include having your hair pulled, getting hair in your eyes and overheating. These issues can be resolved by tying your hair tightly and securely in a bun or braiding your hair.

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